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Manufacturing, technical processing, testing and delivery of fastening metal products is a key mission of the certified enterprise “Promgarantsnab”. For 10 years of professional activity the limited liability company has realized 10 000 projects of various complexity. The production of the manufacturing company fully complies with the regulatory rules and requirements of GOST, as well as with international quality standards. Each batch of fasteners is accompanied by an official guarantee of strength, durability and durability.

The services

Manufacturing of metric connections from metal according to individual drawings of the customer. Bolts, screws, nuts, washers, screws, screws and studs guarantee invulnerable fastening of structures in construction, mechanical engineering, and other branches of the national economy.

Plasma and laser cutting provide jeweler accuracy, accuracy, high speed, economy, as well as a minimum of waste when forming parts and blanks from a complex profile.

Heat treatment and application of protective coatings are complex technological processes that give the products a solid coefficient of strength, high corrosion resistance, and also endurance to mechanical and climatic influences.

Stamping metal with the use of high-precision equipment makes it possible to obtain finished products or blanks with specific technical and geometric characteristics. The enterprise “Promgarantsnab” promptly and competently performs cold or hot stamping of the metal exactly in the agreed time, without delays, delays and excuses.

Benefits of cooperation

  • Informative consultations of experts of the metallurgical industry.
  • Each project is accompanied by a personal manager, which guarantees the most accurate execution of all conditions of the order.
  • Fair value of services with impeccable quality of products makes cooperation economically viable.
  • The quality of the theological process is controlled from the receipt of material to the warehouse and to the final readiness of the products.
  • The presence of a solid volume of finished items in the warehouse allows you to ship products on the day of payment of the order.

Do you want to get fixing products of impeccable quality with the minimum expenditure of forces, time and money today? Feel free to contact OOO Promgarantsnab right now!

Promgarantsnab Ltd.
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