Application of protective coatings

In almost all spheres of human activity, metal products are in demand. Our company LLC “Promgarantsnab” specializes in the manufacture and technical processing of various types of metals and products from them. We offer a wide range of services and our task is to provide high quality products. One way to improve the performance of metal plating .

Principle of the method

The technology of applying this type of coating is quite simple and based on electrochemical processes. The metal product is placed in a prepared container filled with electrolyte solution. Also, a metal plate acts as a participant in the technological procedure, it has to perform the anode function. The plate is also placed in the solution. When the circuit is closed, the plate metal dissolves in the electrolyte, and its particles are attracted to the product having a negative charge. Galvanic coating is thus carried out at the molecular level, due to which it is distinguished by high quality and reliability.

Technology Assignment

This technology of applying its main purpose is the formation on the metal surface of the protective layer, which will protect the product from the corrosive effects of the working environment. However, galvanic coating of metal is so universal technology that it can be used to solve problems, depending on the purposes of using the products:
  • The protection function provides reliable protection of the surface against mechanical damage and aggressive working environment.
  • Special function when using electroplating can improve the technical characteristics of the product, for example, improve wear resistance, improve electrical insulation properties, increase the hardness, etc.
  • The protective-decorative function method allows not only to protect the product from destructive factors, but also to enhance its aesthetic characteristics. This is achieved by the ability to apply protective coating from various types of metal, including silver copper and others.

Types of electroplating

Galvanic coating technology allows the use of various metals for application, which, accordingly, gives different properties and characteristics to the products:
  • silver coating provides high corrosion resistance, improves conductive properties and improves reflective properties, gives aesthetic value to products
  • Chromium not only improves appearance, but also allows minor damage to the surface and increased wear resistance
  • copper coating provides a high level of corrosion protection, improves conductive characteristics and gives an aesthetic, stylish appearance
  • nickel plated protective coating of this type provides reliable protection against rust formation, characteristic for the operation of products in an aggressive working environment, increases wear resistance and resistance to mechanical damage.
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