Laser and plasma cutting

Modern methods of cutting and processing of metal allow to achieve high accuracy in the manufacture of products and parts of any complexity. Our company LLC “Promgaranthsnab” & raquo; offers a wide range of services, which includes plasma and laser cutting of metal . Both technologies are modern and high-tech. The choice of cutting technology depends on several key factors, including the thickness of the material being processed and the planned process operation. The main operational purpose of plasma cutting technology, while laser technology can be used for cutting, welding, engraving, welding and other types of metal processing.

Principle of laser cutting

Modern laser cutting uses a laser beam. Its continuous operation and focus allows heating the metal to the melting temperature and making a cut of high precision and the greatest possible fineness. To remove the resulting melt heating, a jet of high pressure gas is used. The main advantages that cutting metal with the use of laser technology:
  • High accuracy of edges in terms of their perpendicularity.
  • getting the minimum cutting width.
  • Minimal deformation of the metal, due to insignificant thermal effects.
  • high accuracy of the received lines, which allows performing cutting of complex configurations.
  • Full process automation and relatively fast cutting speed.
Laser cutting is widely used in processing of metal of small or medium thickness.

Principle of plasma cutting

The basis of plasma cutting is the use of heat to penetrate the metal. The necessary heat is generated by a compressed plasma arc. The source of energy in this case is the current source, and a gas jet is used to remove the formed melt tracks. Modern plasma cutting has the following advantages:
  • universality; plasma technology perfectly copes with metal thickness from 0,5mm to 300mm.
  • high processing speed, accompanied by relatively small technical and labor costs
  • High quality and precision allow performing metal cutting of various complexity and configurations.
  • Due to the quality of the cut, there is no need for additional edge processing.
  • the ability to focus the plasma jet reduces the area of ​​the material exposed to the thermal impact, which minimizes the possibility of deformation of the metal sheet.
  • The technology is environmentally friendly and safe.
  • can be used when working with metals of different brands.
LLC “Promgarantsnab” & raquo; offers services for laser and plasma cutting of metal . We guarantee the quality of work and the fastest possible delivery time. At the production of triple quality control, and your personal manager will supervise the order from the time of registration until the time of delivery. Uniqueness and high quality of services are supplemented by affordable prices.
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