Stamping of metal

In the metal processing industry, various processing methods are used, including metal stamping . The enterprise “Promgarantsnab” offers services for the manufacture of finished products or blanks with specific technical and geometric parameters. Hot and cold metal stamping is performed on high-precision equipment, which ensures the production of high-quality products.

Extensive punching capabilities

This technology is used to produce finished flat or bulky products of different shapes and sizes. For stamping a metal stamp is used , which is equipped with a press or other equipment. As the statistics show, 20% of the metalworking industry products are manufactured by stamping. Today, perhaps, there is not a single mechanism or production equipment in which there would be no stamped parts. Stamping can be carried out by hot or cold methods with the use of different equipment and strict observance of the features of technology characteristic for each method. If we combine the above information in a short definition, we can say that cold stamping is a plastic deformation of the metal to obtain a certain shape or size of the material.

Advantages of cold stamping

The main advantage of this method is:
  • obtaining details with exact geometric parameters.
  • perfectly formed surface of products, not requiring additional processing.
When you automate the stamping process, you can significantly increase the productivity of output. Cold sheet metal stamping also does not require pre-heating the material. Metal sheets, ribbons or stripes are used as blanks for this type of stamping. When processing a part in this way, the thickness of its walls remains practically unchanged. For the production of spatial products, it is necessary to use plastic metals that are easy to process.

Hot stamping features

Hot metal stamping involves preheating blanks to a certain temperature. Today, for this purpose, coal, oil, gas or electric furnaces with high-frequency installations are used, which are preferred by advanced plants. Used modern equipment has such advantages:
  • provides a significant reduction in the heating time of the workpieces.
  • reduces the level of oxidation of the surface.
  • completely eliminates the burning of metal.
The technology of hot stamping is widely used in mass and large-scale production with the use of a separate stamp for each product. The products obtained are distinguished by the uniformity and accuracy of the given shapes and parameters. Our company is ready to promptly and at a specified time perform hot or cold metal stamping of any complexity in the required volumes. Details of cooperation can be found on the website of “Promgarant”.
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